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Instructions for new and potential CTA Members.
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Joining CTA

Post by D1 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:22 pm


First and foremost, welcome to the CTA Forums.

If you are interested in joining our club, you will need to meet the following criteria:

Straight up, we are not interested in lazy chair-softers or those players who spill their bb's all over our club room floor and expect others to clean up after them if thats you STOP right here.

However if you are chosing airsoft as your dedicated sport to play then we will certainly help you make informed choices with what airsoft guns & gear to get and together with our CTA NZ milsim spec operator aka ultra ninja warrior competitive sports player training lol.. you will enjoy an awesome battlefield experience while making some new friends along the way who are just as keen to hear your battlefield stories as they are to share theirs with you.

Now you have to attend at least three games before we consider inviting you to join CTA..

If you are under 18 but older than 16 you must hold a current New Zealand firearms licence and have your parent / guardian sign a release form giving their permission for you to join and attend at least 3 game days;

If you are over 18 then you must attend at least 3 game days.

Sorry we do not allow MINORS to game with CTA

To start the recruitment process, register on these forums and once your account has been activated then post up in the "Welcome to New Players" thread and say a genaral Hello to the team. One of the Clubs senior members will be in contact with you shortly there after using this forums pm system.

Thanks, and we hope to see you out on the battlefield soon.

CTA 9th Nov 2014 - Farewell to TheAmerican

I leave for the United States tomorrow morning and before I left I wanted to thank all of you. You have been extremely welcoming to this American whether it was loaning me gear, guns, bullets or beans, giving me rides and letting me enjoy airsoft once again. I'm extremely happy to have been able to play airsoft with you all for the last few months and I am truly sad to go. You all are by far the best crowd of airsofters I've gotten to play with in my last 7 years of playing. I'll return to New Zealand some day (its a matter of when, not if) and when I do I'll make sure I'll get out here for another match. Hell maybe I'll even have my own gear! A special thanks to Cypher and D/1 for the CTA and NZ patches as well as the CTA pin. I'll make sure to wear the patches at my next airsoft match in the US and send you guys picture of this American representing CTA abroad.


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